Megan is a member of June and Kristie’s amazing family, and we just have to share her inspiring story! She is a beautiful woman full of love for helping others and spreading joy through her selflessness. Here is her story:
I’m Megan, I am a wife and mother to 4 of my own children and also a Gestational Carrier.  I felt the desire to be a surrogate shortly after having my first child. It felt like my calling in life and gave me purpose to be able to help give someone else the greatest gift that I was so easily blessed with.  It wasn’t a decision to come to lightly but both my husband and I had known for a long time we wanted to do it. Overcoming a huge fear of shots/injections and facing the reality of a hospital birth again after my home births have easily been the hardest parts for me. But to put it into perspective I knew I would go to the ends of the earth for my own child and I was easily willing to do these small things so someone else could have one.
As this journey is quickly coming to a close I know the greatest reward is just days around the corner as I get to hand the parents their sweet baby girl they have waited to meet. Being pregnant, as we all know, changes our bodies, it’s amazing how much more accepting I have been of those changes as a surrogate vs my own babies. Something about all the injections, hormones, dr appointments and science required to get to this point really put into perspective the miracle it is to even have a body capable of carrying a child into this world. I've gained a deeper appreciation for what my body is able to do.  My heart is already torn at the idea of being done and I’m not sure if my journey as a gestational carrier will be done after this or not. It has filled a piece of my heart that I knew was missing and I am so grateful to have had the body I was given to do so. 
March 16, 2020 — Alli McFarlane

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