We are beyond thrilled for you to get to know our June, the June behind June Loop, a little better! She is co-owner of June Loop, swimsuit grandma, a loving mother, a passionate advocate of helping others learn to love themselves better, and so much more! We hope you can see through her own story the love she has for helping and empowering women “ to show up, be brave, and helping others to do the same!” and can gain that strength from her. Here is her story: 
Meet June
“I am fearful to share the wrong thing, in the wrong way. But it is also very empowering!
"I am a wife, mother, grandmother, caregiver, seamstress, swimming instructor, Doula, and business owner. As a young child I was one of the first latch key kids, coming home from school with no one there. I learned independence at a young age, but it also brought a lot of insecurities. At age seven it was brought to my attention that I had a big nose. So to stop it from growing I would sleep with my nose pushed into a pillow. That is when my first imperfections with my body started showing up, moving onto my thin fine hair to eventually my body shape and size. Thinking I wasn’t enough or needed to look like someone else. 
“In high school I took a home economics class and learned to sew and ended up loving it, which motivated me to buy my own Singer sewing machine. I sewed my own clothes, prom dress, and wedding dress. I later went on to sew for my little ones as they came into our family. I would sew matching dresses, swimsuits, pants and shirts, all my extra time was sewing. I was honored to make some prom and wedding dresses for my daughters. Some a success and some not!
Meet June
“My husband and I had a pool for our teenager to earn Summer money. I found it was really really hard to find a comfortable, good looking swimsuit. One piece swimsuits just don’t fit my body! Plus who wants to see a grandma in a swimsuit? So I made my own.
“My greatest joy with June Loop was summer 2018 having women come and try on swimsuits. To see women of all body types to look beautiful and feel comfortable in a swimsuit.
“Even after all this time, I am still learning many things about myself. My generation was hard in many ways. You needed to be perfect to be of value. So a lot of us pretended to be perfect and still never felt good enough (that’s me!). The perfection with ourselves, bodies, families, and work keep me from growing. I need to embrace the imperfections! I am a work in progress and I will make mistakes. Our imperfection can be more powerful than perfection. I am enough. Grandmas are never too old to be in a swimsuit!”
Meet June
January 30, 2020 — Kristie Kemp


Jan Bowers said:

Hi June and Kristie, I just read your story on juneloop. You should have mentioned you have 10 kids! Very impressive, especially with how great you look! I love the stories and your swimsuits look great. You are so creative and talented. I will be in Boise soon. I want to schedule a fitting when I am there. Jan

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