Meet Kylee!

Growing up I was always the biggest, on my soccer/softball team, in my friend group, in my family, and I always heard everyone talking negatively about their bodies and what they wished they could do to change them. In my head I thought if they think they are big or need to be changed, then I must need to change lots about my body.

June Loop Women's Swimsuit Jasmine Top

I spent a lot of time worrying about what I looked like, especially in swimsuits. 
Fast forward to having babies. Pregnancy wrecked my body, and when I say wrecked, I mean it! Stretch marks, hormonal fluctuations, panic attacks, postpartum depression, you name it. 
I decided to make a change in my mindset after having my baby a little over a year ago. I started seeing a wonderful therapist who has helped me be more confident in what my mind and body are capable of rather than what I look like. My body created two humans and does so much despite the anxiety I've lived with for such a long time! 
I never want my girls to be worried about what they look like in a swimsuit or anything else for that matter. I want to be the mom that runs and jumps in the pool no matter what size or stage of life I am in! 
Modeling for June Loop was literally life changing! It felt like an out of body experience! I felt beautiful and confident and a year ago I could never say I felt that way in a swimsuit! I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to show my girls and myself that I am beautiful and confident especially in a swimsuit!

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