We are so excited to introduce you to Shelby, one of our amazing models and friends. She is so much fun! We can learn so much from her strength and the knowledge she has gained through the experiences she has had in life. Let’s get to know Shelby a bit more!

June Loop Swimwear Blog Post Meet Shelby

After years of sexual abuse in my childhood and teenage years I developed a real hate for myself and my body. The anger and self loathing was so real. I learned something so valuable as I grew up though. It doesn’t serve anyone when you sit around thinking you’re a piece of crap. I was so busy hating my life/body I didn’t realize I was missing amazing opportunities. ‘Hell looks like meeting the version of yourself you could have become.’ GIRL. When I heard that quote I stomped my foot down and yelled ‘Not today Satan!’ My power had been taken away once, but somewhere in all that I decided to give it away. I couldn’t live that way anymore. I wanted to love myself. It started with me empowering others until I had no choice but to stop and empower myself too. 


June Loop Swimwear Blog Post Meet Shelby

Loving myself came from realizing when and where I was giving my power away and taking it back firmly and boldly. Claiming my body, claiming my space, claiming my energy, and being completely unapologetic. Sure those hell minions come around, but I just have to remind myself that ‘I am Shelby Jensen, a 10/10 twerker, top notch baker, green thumb queen, and there is simply no one in the world like me, and that is my power.’ Guess what, friend? There is NO ONE just like you, and that’s your power too.

June Loop Swimwear Blog Post Meet Shelby
May 04, 2020 — Alli McFarlane


Guy said:

Alabaster skin and wearing a curly autumnal crown. An unbeatable combination!

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