Our mission at June Loop is to provide women and young girls with the tools they need to feel confident in the beautiful skin they have been given. Love it. Own it. And let’s do this together! That is why we are starting up blog posts! Are you as excited as we are?! Because of the doors June Loop has opened, we have been able to meet some of the most remarkable women who have been so brave to share their stories with us.

We first want to introduce you to a beautiful woman and one of our models named Meah. We are so lucky to have had her model for us and to be vulnerable and share her story. We hope you can connect with her and gain strength from her. Here is her story: 

"Depression and anxiety have a seat at my table. For years, they were the uninvited guests taking up too much time and space in my life. They followed me during my important life transitions: graduation, marriage, motherhood. I failed to recognize their pleas for attention. They told me I was failing. They told me I was not enough. I felt cornered and weighed down, like I was drowning. I felt guilty for not being thankful and happy for the blessed life I’d been given. I felt like it was something I was “making up” and that maybe it was all in my head."

"The first step was acknowledging the impacts of my depression and anxiety and where they manifested in my life. It took convincing myself that it wasn’t fake or made up. No longer could I ignore them; I had to give them a seat at my table. I had to push myself to tell those close to me despite the fear of being dismissed. It took reaching out to my midwife months after having my second child, despite being shut down by previous doctors. It is an ongoing process of self love and affirmation. It is a daily, hourly, sometimes continuous reminder that I deserve to be happy and that I am worthy of love and good things! Some days are harder than others, but I have hope knowing that bad times pass. My experience has caused me to be gentler with myself. It has allowed me to walk away from the physical, mental, and emotional expectations I once had. Most of all, it has gifted me empathy and the desire to let other women, especially mothers, know that they are not a burden and they are capable of accomplishing hard things."


November 05, 2019 — Kristie Kemp


Marcie said:

Thanks for sharing this story! We all need to feel we aren’t alone in our struggles, whatever they may be. Having the courage to acknowledge and openly share our weaknesses is brave, so thank you! Beautiful story, beautiful woman!

Steph Sorensen said:

Beautiful girl! Thank you…I am so excited to follow your blog journey! xo/steph

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