Meet Kristie + June

Kristie started June Loop with an idea, a few yards of swimwear fabric, and a sewing machine. She was a new mom and looking for a swimwear option that accommodated her new postpartum body.

With no sewing experience, or formal training, she decided to design and sew a two piece suit that she felt confident in. After much trial and error, she finally made a swimsuit she loved and wore it to the local water park, where other moms became interested in her designs. The business grew organically from that first swimsuit that she made for herself.

Things started to pick up and her mother, June, began helping her sew. June is the heart of the company with a true passion for sewing and detail. The name June Loop comes from her mother’s name and shared birthday month, plus “loop” is “pool” spelled backwards.

June and Kristie hand made every single swimsuit for 3 years before enlisting in the help of some local seamstresses. They continued to grow and decided to manufacture their women’s line in the USA for their 2018 Spring/ Summer collection. The little girls line is still made locally by June and another talented seamstress, Sandra, in Nampa, ID.

June Loop is focused on helping women of all shapes and sizes feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful in their swimwear.